My grandpa has Alzheimer’s so he has no idea who my grandma is but everyday for the last three or four months he brings her in flowers from their garden and asks her to run away with him and be his wife and everyday she says she already is and everyday the smile my grandpa gets on his face is the most beautiful heartfelt thing I have ever seen.

little-miss-curvy just thought you should know that I still see this pop up on my dash every now and then and it still makes me smile!



the best part about big dogs is they have so much more surface area to pat

And they all seem to think they’re lap dogs, which makes me smile


ZodiacChic Post:Pisces


ZodiacChic Post:Pisces



I’m fascinated by this flower. It looks like a pretty bird’s nest or the lace of a wedding dress.

My favorite wildflower.

I always heard it referred to as Queen Anne’s Lace


Puppies with pacifiers

Sleeping in three hour intervals is so annoying. Please, body/mind, JUST SLEEP.

Throwing up helped. I was actually able to eat a few crackers after.

Throwing up will either make me feel 10x better or 10x worse and I’m scared to figure out which it will be.